Creationism Vs Evolution Essay Conclusion

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A question specifically about evolution is at around .April 12, 2013, pm Intelligent Design is not testable.

A question specifically about evolution is at around .April 12, 2013, pm Intelligent Design is not testable.

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Any conceivable evidence that could be gathered for a theory other than Intelligent Design could be claimed to be evidence for Intelligent Design as well, by just claiming that "for reasons unknown to us, the designer chose to design it that way".

Likewise, any evidence against Intelligent Design could likewise be dismissed with a similar claim.

These mutations manifest themselves in different phenotypes, or physical characteristics, in living organisms.

Organisms whose characteristics are better suited for the surrounding environment survive and reproduce, passing on their mutated DNA to subsequent generations.

Everything in the known universe thus far has been quantifiable and reducible, even the eye which creationists have constantly claimed cannot possibly be.

Anyone who's spent a considerable amount of time watching both sides will also notice that much of the time those on the religious side of things tend to argue about things like the Big Bang when at some point in the conversation it becomes clear they don't even know what the Big Bang actually was. There's enough faith to go around today and facts can't be refuted by anything other than contrary facts, which faith cannot provide if it refuses to enter the realm of tangible reality. Intelligent design is very different from creationism, with the only similarity being that they both posit at least some involvement of a creator (thought ID makes no assumptions about its identity or characteristics other than intelligence) in life and/or the universe. Beyond that, intelligent design is an evidence-based, testable scientific theory. I suggest some honest reading up on ID, and keeping this article to actual Creationism.Furthermore, proponents of Intelligent Design have tended to focus their arguments on attacking Evolutionary Theory rather than on demonstrating via experiment the truth of their own claims, essentially relying on the "false dualism" argument that if Evolution were false (which has not been demonstrated), then Intelligent Design must therefore be true, and ignoring the possibility that other theories could exist as well.November 28, 2013, pm When you actually take the time to study the 2 it becomes obvious to any rational thinking person comes to the clear conclusion that Evolution by Natural Selection is a factual factor of life here on Earth regardless of the existence or non-existence of any supernatural being.Evolution is the change in the inherited traits of a population of organisms through successive generations.After a population splits into smaller groups, these groups evolve independently and may eventually diversify into new species.There are many flavors of the creationist worldview.Young Earth Creationism and Gap Creationism believe that humanity was created by God, but while Young Earth Creationism claims the Earth is less than 10,000 years old and was reshaped by the flood, Gap Creationism claims the world is the scientifically accepted age.But still I feel like this comparison has been slightly unfair in that it doesn't take into account that there is a difference between Creationism and Intelligent Design.Personally I find both of them a bit fictitious since they both operate under the assumption that a designer is required for any piece of the puzzle but at least ID takes reality into consideration even if those who employ it clearly don't have a full understanding of just how much mankind knows about these things in the modern day.The theory of evolution purports that life on earth evolved from one universal common ancestor about 3.8 billion years ago.It is a "theory" in the scientific sense of the word, which means it is supported by evidence and accepted as fact by the scientific community.


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