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And that is why it is essential to determine what your specific strengths are so that you can mention them in a way that promises I am the best person to do what you want me to do.Cover letter writing can be tricky, especially if you are not aware of what the company wants. The job description given in the advertisement that you are replying to is your best bet.Putting some extra effort to create an excellent cover letter is genuinely worth a shot – since cover letters play an important role in the selection process.

If it is being screened by an ATS, you still have a great chance of making it to the call for interview cover letter pile. Cook: I am writing to apply for a correctional officer position currently available at Oklahoma Juvenile Detention Center.

Through my six years’ work at Brooklyn Juvenile Center as a correctional officer, I developed a strong understanding of the minds of juvenile criminals and could prove to be a valuable asset to your facility.

As part of my role I have to carry out security checks, cell checks etc and ensure that the prisoners are safe and the staff are also safe from harm.

I have learnt restraint techniques which we have to use often and I like to ensure that my skills are kept up to date and that I can handle any difficult situation.

These qualities, combined with my dependability and dedication, should enable me to make a valuable contribution to the Virginia State Penitentiary if given the opportunity.

Enclosed are my application and resume for your review. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.Thank you for taking the time to read my application.I have had previous experience in dealing with inmates ensuring that they are secure and controlled at all times.My role involves assessing new inmates into the prison and talking them through the regime and life in prison.I offer the right combination of skills and experience you are seeking in the ideal candidate to fill in the correctional officer position.Some of my qualifications include:• Current first responder certification with a BS in Criminal Justice• Well versed in accompanying visiting clergies and attorneys and assisting them in inmate communication and data provision• Particularly effective in searching incoming and resident inmates as and when needed• Able to carry out Preliminary breath tests, take photographs and record fingerprints• Track record of handling inmate disputes, and reporting the same and devising disciplinary action During my 3 years of experience in the criminal justice arena, I handled substance abuse cases and individuals with mental health and social inclusion issues.October 10, 20XX Human Resources Virginia State Penitentiary 5365 Robin Hood Road, Norfolk, VA Dear Human Resources: I read with great interest your posting in "State of Virginia Employment Opportunities" calling for a Corrections Officer II.My qualifications appear to be in line with your requirements: - Six years of experience as a Corrections Officer - Seasoned in monitoring and supervising inmates - Norfolk Policy Academy Graduate - Virginia State Criminal Justice Training Academy Graduate - Sidearm Permit Additionally, I offer excellent organizational abilities and strong communication skills.– Could you use the services of an experienced and dedicated correctional officer?– Do you wish to hire an energetic professional who is highly knowledgeable of the American Criminal Justice System?


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