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Then it is absolutely important and involve with everybody in the world.Corruption is a part of an undeveloped system, for example the quality of life, economic development, education, and etc.

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Corruption has drastically changed our generation in a way that is very difficult to reverse and it is provoking serious consequences to the entire world. " A Structural Analysis of Corruption: The Role of Criminogenic Asymmetries." Transnational Organized Crime 4, no.

Corruption is widely considered to have adverse effects on economic development through its negative impact on the volume and quality of public investment and the efficiency of government services.

Fixing the economy and politics is hard but not impossible.

Nevertheless, changing the way that an entire society thinks and behave is a whole different thing and is very unlikely to happen without the proper effort and commitment.

Second, corruption affects pollution directly by reducing pollution abatement resources and indirectly through its impact on development.

As pollution and development appear to have an inverse U-shaped relationship, the total effect of corruption on pollution depends on the economy's level of income.

Conversely, many of these macro variables are determinants of corruption.

However, there are few studies of this two-way interaction at the macro level.

It only brings negative consequences and detriment to society, it is a behavior that is worth combating and do whatever is possible to eliminate.

A corrupt society cannot thrive, its economy is harmed, there is no foreign investment, unemployment increases and inefficiencies arise.


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