Constructing A Thesis

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Conceivably, a scholar in the nursing field might disagree with this approach.

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The topic of the second thesis (2) is the use of absolute and relative terms in abortion arguments.

To complete each of these thesis statements, the writers must assert a direction or claim: Your topic names the subject you will write about; your direction or claim is critical to tell the reader where you intend to go with that topic.

Once your thesis contains both topic and direction or claim, you can begin the next step of writing your paper, supporting your thesis.

is the brief articulation of your paper's central argument and purpose.

The student can correct this error simply by phrasing the thesis statement as a specific answer to the assignment prompt.

Better: Through a series of student interviews, I found that Kennedy High School's antibullying program was ineffective.The concrete information ("student interviews," "antibullying") further prepares the reader for the body of the paper and demonstrates how the student has addressed the assignment prompt without just restating that language.A good strategy to determine if your thesis statement is too broad (and therefore, not arguable) is to ask yourself, "Would a scholar in my field disagree with this point?Ultimately you want your thesis to be correct (including a topic and direction or claim), but you also want it to contain insightful, provocative ideas with regard to the topic; in other words, work to construct a thesis that expresses a more intriguing insight than the predictable application of theory or concept to routine communication behaviors or texts.You will benefit by efforts you make toward writing an excellent thesis.The statement is arguable because the student goes beyond merely comparing; he or she draws conclusions from that comparison ("can reduce the expenses associated with employee turnover").You can see here that the student has simply stated the paper's assignment, without articulating specifically how he or she will address it.Better: Roderick's (2009) theory of participatory leadership is particularly appropriate to nurse educators working within the emergency medicine field, where students benefit most from collegial and kinesthetic learning.Here, the student has identified a particular type of leadership ("participatory leadership"), narrowing the topic, and has made an arguable claim (this type of leadership is "appropriate" to a specific type of nurse educator)." Here, we can see easily that no scholar is likely to argue that leadership is an unimportant quality in nurse educators.The student needs to come up with a more arguable claim, and probably a narrower one; remember that a short paper needs a more focused topic than a dissertation.


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