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ASD is better known as autism spectrum disorder which is a disorder of the development in the brain according to Autism Speaks Inc. Due to this developmental issue children can be thought of as being bad or unruly, but in reality they cannot help it.The reason it may seem that way is because the brain isn’t processing like it should be....

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The first person to discover autism was a child psychiatrist, Dr. He names the spectrum disorder after the Greek word autos, meaning of or for oneself, due to the way the child display social avoidance.

Many doctors’ believed in the past that autism was caused by the way the mother not caring for her child properly or ignoring him or her....

Autism is a developmental disorder that usually occurs within the first three years of a child’s life....

[tags: Autism, Causes of autism, Controversies in autism] - Autism Spectrum Disorder Definition Autistic spectrum disorder is a prevalent developmental disability categorized by extreme withdrawal, cognitive deficits, language disorders, self-stimulation, and has an onset before the age of 30 months.

[tags: Autism, Causes of autism, Autism spectrum] - We live in a world where every topic of study has become controversial.

The purpose of this paper an ongoing study into the world of Autism.[tags: Autism, Autism spectrum] - Most Autistic children have different abilities and task they can and can not do, It is important to raise awareness for children with Autism.Most people do not realize how many children are diagnosed with Autism.Autistic children are not always the same, there are children diagnosed with different types of Autism.According to Autism Speaks, “Autism appears to have its roots in very early brain development.According to Psychology Tenth Edition in Modules by David G.Myers, autism is “a disorder marked by social deficiencies and repetitive behaviors.” Some of these social deficiencies include little to no eye contact, social awkwardness or inability to make conversation, to being completely non-verbal....- Autism Spectrum Disorder Autism spectrum disorder is a hot topic in today’s medical and educational world.This cognitive condition draws so many people’s attention because of the huge rise is diagnoses in the last 20 years and because of the wide range of cognitive and social difficulties that can be put on the autism spectrum.More commonly known as Autism, this disorder causes impaired social developing skills amongst the people who are diagnosed with this disorder.Although many people focus on children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, there are adults who have this disorder as well.


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