Cognitive Psychology Research Paper

The increase in student cell phone use in classrooms has led to a decrease in academic performance and satisfaction with instruction (Dietz & Henrich, 2014).Currently, it is unknown as to whether student classroom cell phone usage has any effect on the teacher.

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In order to disseminate these findings, we compiled a list of different opportunities around San Luis Obispo for children's active participation in music.

Our goal is to provide parents with a resource to help them facilitate their children's involvement in music. Although pharmacological breakthroughs have improved treatment outcomes for alcohol and opioid dependence through decreased cravings and blocked reward effects, there are no FDA approved medications for the treatment of cocaine dependence.

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Contrary to popular beliefs, however, this passive engagement with music does not make your child smarter.

However, research demonstrates that active participation in music and music instruction help develop memory, perception, language, vocabulary, spoken skills, and reading skills.

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