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We’ve done it for 31 years, changing the paths of more than 6,150 young people ready to change the world. You’ll find our visionary leaders refreshing the world achieving all over the globe, and their impact reflected in nearly every sector from business to nonprofit to public service.The Coca-Cola Scholars Program scholarship is an achievement-based scholarship awarded to graduating high school seniors.

150 Coca-Cola Scholars are selected each year to receive this $20,000 scholarship. High school seniors may visit to apply to be a Coca-Cola Scholar. The Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation proudly supports two-year colleges through the Coca-Cola Community College Academic Team Program, administered by Phi Theta Kappa.

The Program awards 200 stipends (up to $237,500) annually across four tiers of recipients in varying amounts: Coca-Cola Leaders of Promise is Phi Theta Kappa’s first scholarship program available to its members to be used during the time they are enrolled in community colleges.

Introduction: A Marketing Strategy comprises of many components which are associated with each other and incorporate a company 's publicising goals.

Coca-Cola is a foremost example for successful marketing brand that is known and adored all over the world.

Embrace the diversity of not only language, but of everyone’s backgrounds, in our nation, so that we can truly be beautiful.

The Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation invests in our future — offering college scholarships to exceptional high school students dedicated to leadership, service, and action that positively affects others. Technologists, thinkers, doers, and above all, game-changers.Students are recognized for their capacity to lead and serve, as well as their commitment to making a significant impact on their schools and communities.With the 31st class in 2019, the Foundation has provided over 6,150 Coca-Cola Scholars with more than million in educational support. Whether she’s building an app to register viral and bacterial genetic codes, empowering youth through FLASTEM, or getting hospital patients to the ER, it’s all about helping others.Daily rituals around the Coca Cola logo (placing empty plastic pots as mute witness to water scarcity) became critical to the formation of such a front against the corporate giant.I argue such performances are the norm these days in our highly media-saturated environments, motivating this inquiry into the potentialities of mass media—especially familiar icons that provide a ready palette of signifiers for improvisatory ensembles—in forging the popular.Coca-Cola ran an ad featuring “America the Beautiful” sung in a variety of languages, and people are up in arms about it.Apparently, without the rest of us being told, English is perceived as the “official” language of the United States, and everyone must speak it and all ads must understand this unspoken rule.The ad was meant to transcend more than just the differences in language; America is a beautiful conglomeration of individuals from every race, religion and background. The United States doesn’t have an official language, and if we wanted to speak “American,” we’d all better learn to speak Cherokee, Yup’ik and other Native American languages.America is supposed to mean life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.This report provides information about Coca-Cola’s Marketing Strategy and analyzes its strength and how the company increase their productivity by using market segmentation plans.In addition to its leading global market-share, Coca-Cola also holds the title of having the most popular individual beverage in the world in Coca-Cola Classic, with an 18.6% market share.


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