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UNIT 11 Structure 11.0 11.1 11.2 11.3 11.4 11.5 11.6 11.7 11.8 11.9 11.10 MANAGING HOSPITALITY OPERATIONS: ORGANISED SECTOR Objectives Introduction Types of Accommodation in the Organised Sector Policy Formulation and Strategies Financial Management Product Design Marketing Management Safety and Security Organisation of a Hotel Let Us Sum Up Clues to Answers 11.0 OBJECTIVES After going through this Unit you will be able to explain the: • • • • typology of accommodation in unorganised sector, procedures involved in policy and strategy formulation, application of marketing management in hotels, and role of safety and security in organised accommodation sector.11.1 INTRODUCTION Ever since man started to travel in search of Though you are familiar with its features as a recap we mention them briefly again.We can classify hotels on the basis of infra-structure, facilities and services that are provided by them.

However, eco-friendly architecture aims at preserving natural resources such as vegetation so as not to deprive animals of their inhabitancy.

In addition, vegetation, trees in particular are mitigators of CO Eco-design architecture is built on economizing the resources.

Due to the reason that such hotels are environmentally-oriented, they presuppose different environmental improvements that have several implications in the consumer attraction and management.

Although the construction of green hotels and application of eco-friendly practices in them are strictly contributing to the environmental well-being, it is definitely true that eco-friendly design provides benefits for hospitality industry.

Not surprisingly, the purpose of eco-design in hospitality industry is to ensure the safety of the natural resources and the environment in general.

Although conflicting views exist concerning the matter of eco-friendly hotels, I deem it reasonable to admit that tourists may benefit from them in the same way they do in the simple ones.The dictionary defines hotel as “a place which supplies board and lodging”; “a large city house of distinction”; “a place for the entertainment of travellers” and “a public building”.We can say that 103 Hotels provide accommodation, meals and refreshments for at periods of time for those who stay on the premises and pay for the services provided.b) range of facilities, i.e., five star, no star, etc. d) length of stay, i.e., transit, residential, etc.e) ownership and management, i.e., chain, individual, etc.The hotels and resorts worldwide consume significant amounts of energy, thus negatively contributing to the environment and leading to the exploitation of the resources.However, the scientific and technological progress nowadays makes it possible to accommodate hospitality industry to the Earth-friendly manner by means of broad application of eco-design in hospitality architecture.According to Sloan & Legrand, “it is not feasible or desirable to continue at current levels of resource use in the construction industry” (111).Eco-friendly design in hospitality industry actually means sustainability, or channeling energy into the appropriate fields of work.However, this particular list is not full due to the reason that the notion of ‘green hospitality’ is extremely broad and related to the construction of green hotels and their management.Apart from preserving vegetation, green hospitality industry presupposes the use of renewable sources of energy that are economical.


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