Chicken Farm Business Plan

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These are Broiler Starter feeds, Broiler Grower Feeds and Broiler Finisher Feeds.

Ensure that you give adequate feed and water to your broilers.

The broiler chicken house should have adequate ventilation and lighting.

Your monitoring devices are the actual chickens themselves; close attention will inform you on whether or not the conditions are optimum.

It’s important to buy day old chicks from reputable and professional suppliers.

Getting good quality day old chicks plays a pivotal role in producing broiler chickens with high growth potential and good quality broiler poultry meat.

In principle, your choice of target market will be informed by your scale of production.

Some of the sales avenues are selling them as live birds, selling them after slaughtering as whole birds or selling them as apportioned chicken pieces.

For small scale broiler poultry farming business you can make use of existing infrastructure that you have.

However for medium to large scale commercial broiler poultry farming business, you have to construct broiler poultry housing designed specifically for the broilers.


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