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The check-cashing industry is a profitable and rapidly growing business. One of the most popular is deferred deposit, also known as "payday lending." This is the practice of giving a short-term loan for a fee, while holding the customer's post-dated check for deposit at a later date, usually in about two weeks.

Your check cashing business registration is one of the most important elements of your MSB.

Without a proper and current license, you can’t legally operate.

Some chains are quite large, with over 1,000 stores. Profits vary considerably, depending upon such factors as state fee regulations and volume of customers. She is the senior account executive for Fi SCA's marketing firm.

The average store typically has about three employees, and usually the entrepreneur is one of them, says Shyne. The first major trend is the partnerships developing between banks and check-cashing companies.

This business comes with challenge, autonomy and the ability to really make a difference."The nature of the work attracts problem solvers, those with street smarts, who are willing to accept risks and grow.

There has been a lot of career opportunity because of the growth of the business," he says. Since then, the branch has grown." Phillips is able to use his banking knowledge to better serve his customers.are alternative financial services for the underbanked, the unbanked, and even the fully banked.These services bridge the gap in access to traditional banking or a gap in available funds.-- basically all the high overhead costs of business," Marion explains."Partnerships with check cashers allow banks and credit unions to make a profit and meet their obligation under the CRA."Similarly, check cashers benefit from these partnerships because they are able to offer a greater span of services to consumers that they could not do on their own."A second driving trend for the check-cashing industry is the use of technology.Ed Phillips is the branch manager of a check-cashing business. "There is approximately a 30 percent turnover of clients."When I retired as a banker, I needed something to better occupy my time. " he says."An acquaintance of mine approached me with the idea of establishing a new payroll loan branch.... I have used my banking background to counsel my clients in financial prudence.In addition to actual check cashing, CCOs offer financial services like prepaid debit cards, short term loans, convenient bill pay, money orders, and wire transfer.Choosing your services will depend on your customer base – and what they need.He was attracted to this line of work because of the variety and the challenge."Because the industry is so new and growing so quickly, employees and managers are challenged to 'write the book' and invent the business as they go," says Regimbal."Typically, problem solving is not bound by status quo or industry standard."One must be creative, open-minded and inventive in getting the job done and building the business.


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