Case Study On Motivation And Leadership

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What other aspects of personal motivation and achievement can you see in the story?

How might lessons and examples within this story be transferred to yourself, to employees and organisations?

Motivation is often best explained by reference to real examples.

The 'Hellespont Swim' is a true story of unusual and remarkable personal achievement which demonstrates several aspects of motivational theory, plus various other principles of effective management and performance. Ask people to read and comment on the story from a motivational and performance perspective.

In this MOOC they learn the skills of entrepreneurship and they connect among themselves and with other people interested in the topic.

uses cookies to personalize content, tailor ads and improve the user experience. He has organised most of the successful attempts on the Hellespont in recent years. We lumbered over to municipal pools and floundered up and down.We never seemed to get faster or less tired, but we did seem to get a bit thinner.Interaction: Read some comments of other learners and react to them when you agree or disagree.The At LETy C project - aims at top-ranking athletes and their need to know about business.We should have a go, I said to Steve and David (fat, pale, thirty-something pie-eaters like me).If a club-footed syphilitic like Byron could do it, so could we.It was difficult to motivate ourselves, because there really didn't seem to be much connection between the heated human soup of the public baths and the swimming of a major shipping lane.But the calendar ticked on, and we got on the plane, still a bit bemused, and found ourselves somehow in Cannakale.It was cold, there were some vast tankers plying up and down, and the rip current at the centre of the channel was throwing up white horses that looked like Grand National winners. A launch full of photographers was following us, and failure would not be private. The lads on the boat rubbed us down with axle grease and with a great scream we committed our bodies to the deep.An underwater gust rolled me over, and from then on, the channel churned me emetically around. Yes, somewhere behind me was the grumbling of the escort boat's engine, and somewhere way ahead Steve was burrowing efficiently towards fame, and somewhere to one side David was grunting and swallowing water, but I was in my own tiny world, hedged in by waves and the sides of my goggles, vaguely conscious that stretching down and down below was the vertiginous green of the channel. If I stretched my neck up I could sometimes see the hills of Asia, but there was never any sense of movement.


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