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It helps me to have a big pool of content and a “version history” which I can choose from when posting stuff on my socials or creating a final case study. I always prioritize my client’s needs first, because that’s what I’m hired for.

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In this case, Catalyst developed a two-year growth strategy for the company to build their online presence and used a combination of building an e-commerce site and keywords to help XYZ grow their SEO and digital presence. Now that you’re well-versed in the impact of visual case studies, why not start making your own?

A solution goes hand in hand with results, and it’s important to lay out exactly how Catalyst was able to help Company XYZ. We’ve created a case study template available in three different formats – presentation, infographic, and report.

have said that they’ve been able to generate leads using case studies.

And as today’s consumer typically reads up to 10 user product reviews before considering to make a purchase, it’s clear the impact that case studies will have on conversion rates.

They include photos at specific places to illustrate a point or bring a scene to life.

They use pull quotes to pique your interest or point out a compelling part of the story.

If they overcame their business challenges with flying colors, this is where you would lay it out.

A slide including success metrics is essential here as well.

For case studies it could be split into multiple parts, like a standard design project: Planning This is where is select the project itself, a platform I’m going to use and goals I want to achieve Content gathering To get all the information and content ready, and think about how I’m going to showcase it all Wireframes Working with the content, and building up layout or information architecture Design Diving into visuals, interactions, or designing individual assets to showcase the content in the best way possible Promotion Getting ready for publishing, including social media assets, or planning a strategy to get the case study in front of the right audience (general audience, or a specific client prospect)If you mean documentation by capturing what’s happening around me, I just do it naturally every time I do something creative.

I’m saving all work in progress versions, writing down ideas on aside, taking tons of photos during the process, etc.


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