Career Path Essay

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I was fairly good at it playing both offensive and defensive positions.

Unfortunately the outside sources that changed my budding career involved a tractor on my Uncle’s farm one summer in my junior year.

This new career fit well with my character and what I wanted to do with my life.

I trained people, helped them, watched them succeed and grow.

One way of solving this is a career guidance test, which is supposed to help choose a future profession.

It is hard to overstate the importance of a career guidance test for a young person, as it may help guide them towards a career path that they will both excel at and enjoy, making it necessary to explore career counseling in detail.

Career testing and counseling is used by different types of people, which is also worthy of note. (264) emphasize the previously established concept that there are at least four types of career counseling clients, with each having a specific issue with their career path, ranging from identity problems to career dissatisfaction, or a mix of the two.

The authors conducted surveys with the help of 900 students from southwestern universities: career-related uncertainty and emotional distress were the issues among two clusters of career counseling clients, affecting the majority of the clients surveyed (Rochlen et al. The outcomes of career counseling differed depending on the relative levels of distress.

All in all, career counseling and assessment tend to take place in school environments under the supervision of school career counselors; self-assessment techniques utilized in career counseling and testing are necessary in order to develop a proper understanding of the important character traits that make certain career paths more suitable than others.

Career testing is not, however, a practice that is suitable for everyone.


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