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If you are currently enrolled in a graduate program and you have the option of completing a capstone project, it is best that you start formulating an idea of what you would like to investigate.Waiting to the very last minute to study a particular problem or issue in relationship to your graduate program can derail your capstone project.

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The team-based project serves as an opportunity to further develop a student’s specialization, to expand networks in the community, and to create a significant sample of work.

All projects include a written report; however, the length, format, and content of the projects vary tremendously depending on the type and scope of the work.

This proposal usually contains an introduction, theories, hypotheses, scholarly literature review, research methods, proposal alternatives and any other issues relevant to the project proposal.

Each capstone requirement is unique to the student's program, so it is best that a student continuously consult with a program advisor to make sure their capstone proposal meets the necessary requirements. Some include case studies, program evaluations, outcomes-based evaluations, surveys, focus groups, etc.

Some Capstone Projects are peer-graded using Coursera's standard peer grading system.

Other Capstone Projects are automatically graded or graded by experts.You would need to have a sufficient amount of previous research in order to complete a capstone project proposal.Undergraduates at Naropa University develop a comprehensive understanding of both foundational and advanced concepts and methods in their area of study.Typically, it is very common for master's programs in social services, public administration, mass communications and liberal arts to require graduate students to complete a capstone project.This is because these programs are usually geared towards working professionals and capstone projects give students the ability to take knowledge and theory they have learned and apply in a real-world setting.Capstone projects, while they vary from university to university, are usually more "experiential" projects where students take what they've learned throughout the course of their graduate program and apply it to examine a specific idea.Here is a comprehensive overview of what exactly a capstone project is.Students have the option of working individually or in a small team on a project sponsored and mentored by an external entity, such as a governmental agency or not-for-profit group, or a member of the JHU faculty.These projects result in a deliverable, such as a written report, and a formal presentation of research results to both the external entity and faculty.Although this will vary from school to school, generally a capstone project will be as short as a 10-week quarter to as long as two semesters depending on the rigor and requirements of the graduate program.However, it is common for most graduate programs to require students to take a capstone project course that generally only lasts around a semester.


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