Capitalism A Love Story Review Essay

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Having had reviews to both extremes; with others claiming that Moore should have stopped making movies at ‘Roger and Me’, and the other half exclaiming that it was an eye-opener, it was with mixed expectations that I watched the documentary.I admit it was at first difficult to follow the storyline, but by the middle of the movie, I could see clearly the point that Moore was trying to put across.And the 1% remain at the top of the game, getting off lightly for crimes such as the ‘pheasant insurance’ or the 700 billion dollar tax write off awarded to sustain failing financial institutions after the most recent economic downturn (Dargis n.p). The facts may be presented with some pomp and circumstance but they are still facts.

Similarly, a country that promotes capitalism enables businesses to gain wealth at the expense of the consumer’s wealth.

Ultimately this becomes a question of morality as these corporations reap the money from hardworking citizens for the purpose of greed and exploitation of the free market economy.

The paper will start by giving an overall impression of the documentary, followed by an examination of what the documentary meant to me.

This will be followed by an analysis of whether I agree with Moore’s message in the movie or not, and why.

He argued that politics and the corporate world are too closely tied in America, and this undermines democratic practice. It is the small people, who, ironically make up 99% of the population and only own 5% of America’s wealth (Dargis n.p).

A broad definition of capitalism is an economic system where business enterprises are privately owned while the rules and policies that run market conditions are determined by a central government (Bowles 5).

Bank robbers will be enabled to steal all the money leaving the banks in despair until, society agrees to do something about it.

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In the film, Capitalism: A love story, the film makers use conventions and point of view to show that capitalism in America is an evil that is better replaced by democracy.

The film maker successfully uses interviews and archival footage to make the audience realize that allowing companies to practice private enterprise is a sin.


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