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Create a list of each product you plan to offer (and categories, if you have a ton), It’s a good idea to include a bit of information about how products will be manufactured and delivered. A lot of the research you’ve put together for the above sections will inform your overall market analysis.Will you be selling direct-to-consumer or through wholesale customers? The market analysis is a summary of the aforementioned, plus more information about your target customer.

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Here are the main types of business plans and what they’re used for: We have a lot to cover, and it’s not always necessary to read through every single section.

A table of contents makes it easier to find the sections most relevant to the reader or to refer back to sections they want to reread. Because it’s basically a truncated version of your entire business plan, it’ll be easier to organize your thoughts once you’ve deep-dived into each of the areas below.

Sometimes, it’s to get the internal team on the same page, and other times, it’s to attract potential investors.

Depending on who’s reading your business plan and what you’re hoping to achieve, you might adapt it to take a different layout.

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Small businesses form the backbone of America’s economy.

Our nation’s economy is powered by small businesses, which represent more than nine out of every ten employers, and the fastest-growing businesses over the past two decades are businesses run by women and people of color. The strength of minority owned and women owned businesses helped pull the American economy out of the Great Recession: businesses owned by people of color created nearly 1.3 million jobs during the recession, and over the past decade, women owned businesses grew nearly five times the national rate.

It’s also a good idea to outline your post-sales customer remarketing and support plan. If you’re a new business, include any launch schedules as well. Develop a financial plan that details where you are now and where you’ll be five years from now.

Then, you’ll also want to detail the day-to-day operations. What tech stack are you using to automate specific tasks? This can be challenging for new businesses in particular because you don’t have historical data and trends to go off of.


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