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We do software to help with that part of the process that lends itself to software, particularly the financials, illustrations, outlining, and formatting a document from the parts.

We respect the idea that every business situation is different, so every plan is different. You write your plan; the software just does the grunt work for you.

You have the option to import data from other accounting programs or Excel.

This program also features real-time team collaboration.

A setup wizard walks you through the writing process, asking business questions and inputting answers directly into the plan.

In addition to written responses, Biz Plan Builder provides financial tools like calculators, graphs and budget-feasibility tools.

You can make your document as short or as comprehensive as you want. And save as a secure website, or print to PDF or printer, or export to Word.

Palo Alto Software has been my business since I started it in 1987 and has always honored the idea that every business plan is unique.

It’s financials are mathematically and financially correct (as correct as your assumptions, of course), true to GAAP, and guided with a nice interface that can bring anybody who knows her or his business from the educated guessing all the way through to full financials with sales, spending, profit & loss, balance sheet, and cash flow. after you have your main assumptions in, you can work with sliders in the wizard mode to see the impact of varying assumptions for sales on account, inventory turnover, and payment policies with instant refresh on projected cash flow.

And if you do want a business plan as a document for outsiders, with summaries and descriptions more like the classic business plan, has a default outline that is infinitely modifiable.


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