Assigning An Ip Address

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For example, if the IP displayed in the command prompt window is, change yours to

You’ll also need to manually enter the Subnet, Gateway and DNS Server IP addresses.

Do not perform this procedure unless you are highly familiar with IP network addressing.

The Camera Configuration Tool is not designed to calculate or validate IP address ranges, subnet masks, default gateways or other IP parameters.

If the MAC address of your router is 00-11-22-33-44-55 and you connect to your ISP, the DHCP server records your MAC and assigns an IP.

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If you disconnect from the ISP, you may lose your IP address depending on their IP lease times.It definitely helps if you know how the IP is being assigned to you.You can read our DHCP definition to get a better understanding. In the Accessories menu, Right Click Command Prompt and choose Run as administrator 4. Click Start, Control Panel, and open Network and Sharing Center.Keep in mind that some ISPs match up your MAC or modem data to the address that’s been assigned.If those 2 things don’t match up, you won’t be able to connect no matter what.MAC cloning can only be done at your router providing it has those capabilities or has been flashed with software that has those capabilities.Most ISPs assign their IPs based on the MAC address in your equipment.The next time you connect, the DHCP server sees your MAC, looks to see if it has assigned an IP address to you before.If it has and the lease time has not expired, it will most likely give you the same IP address you had before disconnecting and will not change your IP.If your IP is static, then you can't change it without contacting your ISP.Although not impossible, it is very rare that an ISP would assign you a static IP without some sort of increased level of service like a business account.


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