Advanced Higher Classical Studies Dissertation

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(See also Requirements for a Bachelor's Degree.) The B. program in classics is highly flexible, accommodating a variety of interests in and approaches to the ancient world. Although emphasis is still placed on development of rapid comprehension, readings and discussions introduce student to study of Latin literature, principally through texts of various authors.

Possible areas of emphasis include language and literature, ancient philosophy, art and archaeology, and ancient history. Prerequisites: AS.040.107 AND AS.040.108 OR Equivalent Corequisites: NA Instructor(s): J.

Students intending to pursue graduate study in classics will need to do substantially more work in Greek and Latin than what the major minimally requires: most graduate programs expect successful applicants to have studied one language for at least three years and the other for at least two. Emphasis on ancient Greek ritual and mythology; on ancient music, religion, and society; and on cultural institutions such as symposia (drinking parties) and festivals. Prerequisites: NA Corequisites: NA Instructor(s): E. Prerequisites: NA Corequisites: NA Instructor(s): E.

Therefore, students interested in graduate work should be engaged in a language-intensive curriculum by the end of the sophomore year. Prerequisites: NA Corequisites: NA Instructor(s): D.

An Advanced Higher is the highest certificate offered by the Scottish Qualification Authority as part of the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework.

An Advanced Higher qualification is essentially a simulation of the first year of university in that particular subject; this is the reason that Advanced Highers can be used for second-year university entry.The final CSYS exams were taken by students at the end of the Sixth Form studies.In recent years, a noticeable decrease of 2.4% in those taking Advanced Highers has prompted concern in certain areas.(NB: The student must still take four Greek and/or Latin courses in the department, according to the requirements given above, but a maximum of two waived courses may be counted toward the eight further “Classics courses” required by the major, making it possible for students with experience in Latin or Greek to meet the program requirements more quickly.) A typical program might include the following sequence of courses: * Students with no experience in French, German, or Italian should expect to take 4 courses in one of those languages to satisfy the modern language requirement for the major. In addition to class discussion, we will work hands-on with artifacts from the JHU Archaeological Museum, focusing on material from Cyprus. Material investigated will include the “snake goddess” figures from Minoan Crete, anthropomorphic figurines from the Cyclades and Cyprus, wall paintings, etc. Stories entertain us, but we also tell them to make a point. Island Archeology: Land and Sea in Ancient Crete, Cyprus and the Cyclades. Islands present highly distinctive contexts for social life. This course investigates the Greek and Latin roots of modern medical terminology, with additional focus on the history of ancient medicine and its role in the development of that terminology. Have you ever wondered what the luxurious villas looked like from within, or what it would be like to attend a play in an ancient theatre or the gladiatorial games in the Colosseum? Prerequisites: AS.040.105 AND AS.040.106 OR Equivalent Corequisites: NA Instructor(s): G. ^^ Greek courses may be substituted for Latin courses, and vice versa, according to the interests and goals of the student. The purpose of this course is to introduce students to Ancient Greek literature by reading and discussing its most important and famous texts, from the Iliad and the Odyssey to tragedy to philosophy. Prerequisites: NA Corequisites: NA Instructor(s): S. Prerequisites: NA Corequisites: NA Instructor(s): E. In each case we will consider the history of interpretation as well as investigate the objects’ archaeological and sociocultural contexts. This course will explore the ways that stories were used to make points by Greek and Latin authors from Homer to Petrarch, while also looking at, and comparing them to, the techniques of argument contemporaneous thinkers were developing. Freshman Seminar: Art, Politics, and Propaganda in Ancient Rome. We will examine visual expressions of propaganda in the city of Rome, considering how emperors used public art to promote their political agendas and their ideological vision of power. We examine three island worlds of the ancient eastern Mediterranean. Prerequisites: NA Corequisites: NA Instructor(s): J. This course is designed to introduce students to the material culture of the ancient Roman world by exploring the architecture, sculpture, painting, and mosaics of Rome and its environs. This revolutionary structure was central to the new model of the “research university” that Johns Hopkins University pioneered. This seminar is meant as an introduction to the study of ancient emotions, with a particular emphasis on how the Greeks of the Archaic, Classical and Hellenistic periods conceptualized, portrayed and lived their emotions through linguistic, literary and artistic expression. Prerequisites: NA Corequisites: NA Instructor(s): M. Today, the Department of Classics at Johns Hopkins seeks to maintain and enhance this tradition of leadership and innovation. After an analysis of how the ancient Greek terminology for the emotions differs from our own, we shall focus on the phenomenon of emotion as deeply rooted in the physical body, and in light of this we will contemplate (and question) its universality. Universities in Scotland traditionally tended to take students with only NQ Higher or A-level qualifications, but many have since begun to take students with qualifications gained elsewhere in the UK or, as with the University of Glasgow, for example; an International Baccalaureate and American qualifications such as a High School Diploma in combination of SAT/ACT scores and SAT Subject Tests or Advanced Placement exams.Advanced Highers were introduced to replace the Sixth Year Studies Certificate (often abbreviated to CSYS or just SYS).The Advanced Higher is an optional qualification which forms part of the Scottish secondary education system.It is normally taken by students aged around 16-18 years of age after they have completed Highers, which are the main university entrance qualification in Scotland.


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