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He honors the complexity embedded in his grief—not always a source of solace, but ultimately a powerful kind of tribute.”“Documents” will appear this November in ”Some Thoughts on Mercy,” Ross Gay This essay is, unfortunately, more relevant than ever.Poet Ross Gay delves not only into the terrible prejudices with which people of color in America struggle every day, but also into the way those prejudices influence their own perception, their own idea of themselves.

After the jump, you’ll find 50 essays more or less guaranteed to make you a better person — or at least a better-read one — some recommended by notables of the literary and literary nonfiction world, some recommended by yours truly, incessant consumer of the written word. D’Ambrosio examines texts written by his father and his troubled brothers — including letters, a suicide note, and a fanciful poem — in order to meditate on the intimacies and ruptures that have structured his family.

As is the nature of his brilliance, D’Ambrosio resists conclusions.

What if we honestly assessed what we have come to believe about ourselves and each other, and how those beliefs shape our lives?

And what if we did it with generosity and forgiveness? ”As an added bonus, there is also some really beautiful stuff about bees.

‘That it is new only to him, that it had a substantial existence, physical and spiritual, before he became aware of it,’ she writes, ‘does not occur to him.’ There is a seething quality to Kincaid — humanizing but also seething.

50 Essays Book

This essay make s​ you aware of the narratives you ​unknowingly ​impose on others, and will ​help you ​​think with greater sensitivity about race and power. The false story of history might become your own — ​and ​you are complicit in the up​most​ sense of the word.”“In History” appears in “Once More to the Lake,” E. White Feel like getting in touch with your own mortality?

No, I’m sure you don’t, but it might be good for you.

This classic essay is a luminous reminder of the circle of life and the ultimate interconnectedness of all human beings, likely to leave you flat — but also, all things considered, rather better off.

“Look how I’ve been made by this,” he writes.“But what if we acknowledged those fears, regardless of how awful or shameful they are?

What if we acknowledged this country’s terrible and ongoing history of imagining its own citizens — indigenous, black, Japanese American, Arab American, Latino — as monsters?


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